04 Oct Tips for Getting a Fresh Interior Look – on a Limited Budget!

Buying a new home or upgrading your existing residence may be a bit challenging right now, but getting a fresh, new look in your home may not be as difficult or costly as you think.  Sure, you can remodel, but the changes you make don’t even need to be as extensive as that. Here are a few tips (the first in our series) on how you can make more of what you have without spending a lot of money. Try one of or any combination of these ideas to make your home more welcoming and comfortable:

1. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in a room.  Try a new color, like pale yellow or amber, to warm things up.  Or pick one wall to apply an accent color, like terracotta or deep blue. Need advice on colors?  Stop by the store, and if we can’t help you, we can direct you to some great local designers.
2. Rearrange your furniture.  Yes, sometimes this can give you a whole new perspective and a fresh look to your room.  Make sure your seating arrangements give you the best view of picture windows, fireplace, artwork etc.  Play around with rugs, lighting and artwork too, to see if you can create more comfortable and inspiring configurations.  Cost to you:  sweat.

3. Change the anchor piece in your room – usually the sofa.  Add some fun or cozy toss pillow or throws to liven up a neutral sofa and to add texture.  If the fabric of your sofa is somewhat worn, but the frame and filling are still good, have a slip cover made.  Or, if all else fails, get a new sofa, which doesn’t have to break the bank.  We carry a great line from Canada called Gus*, whose sofas retail for around $1,700.

4. Add one or two accent pieces to your room that are fun and functional.