Empty chair and table around outdoor deck

08 Mar Spring is Here. Is Your Patio Ready?

Depending on where you live, warm weather might already be here or it might still be just around the corner. No matter what situation you’re in, it’s time to start thinking of getting your outdoor furniture out of storage. Make sure to take the time to do the following:

Inspect Your Furniture

The biggest factor in the condition of your furniture will be how well you cleaned it an prepared it for storage last fall. To be on the safe side though, as each piece comes out of storage take time to inspect it, looking for any loose hardware, rust, or mildew stains. Tighten screws to keep the furniture safe, scrub off rust, and launder cushions with stains. (If they don’t get as clean as you would like, you can get replacement cushion covers.)

Clean Your Furniture

If everything is in good condition, then use a sprayer on your hose to rinse it all down to get rid of any dust that it accumulated while in storage. Make sure to wipe them down afterward with a soft cloth, then leave them in the sun for a few hours to fully dry.

Arrange Your Furniture

The final step is probably the one that you’ve anticipated the most: getting the patio ready so that you can finally use it. Make sure to the patio or deck is clean before you go setting everything up. Sweep it off or spray it down if you need to. Use a pressure washer if needed. Then arrange the furniture to your liking. Don’t feel compelled to put everything back exactly how it was last year. New year, new you, new yard. Find something that will be convenient and comfortable for lounging and outdoor entertaining. If you think you need any new pieces to complete the look you’re going for, take a look at our collection of outdoor furniture.

Now, all that’s left is to enjoy your outdoor living space.