Large and spacious living room with big windows and mountain views

17 Feb Room Design 101

Whether you’ve just purchased a new house or are simply ready to redesign a room or two, planning and decorating is an exciting adventure. It’s important, though, that before you start you put a plan into place and follow these tips and tricks.

  1. Consider the function. No matter which room you’re working on, it’s important to take into consideration what the room will be used for. Designing the living room? Be sure to incorporate enough seating and invite a relaxing and inviting vibe. Designing the bathroom? Definitely don’t put the toilet in line of sight of the open door.
  1. Keep traffic ways open. No room should be a maze to navigate. Place furniture away from the main entry and exit points of the room. Also, avoid putting furniture pieces too close together unless you enjoy doing sideways shuffles.
  1. Choose a focal point. Our eyes need somewhere to fall and rest. Choose a point in the room to center your design around. Whether it be a painting, fireplace, or television setup, it’s important to choose a beautiful place for eyes to fall. Be careful, though. Avoid focal points that could become messy and cause stress (the master bathroom as the focal point from the bed).
  1. Let there be light! A room’s lighting may not be your main concern, but it makes more of a difference than you might think. Poor lighting can bring down the entire room and can actually make you sick.
  1. Diversify texture. Furniture is a major factor in the function and appearance of a room, of course. But furniture doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be perfectly matching. Incorporate pieces that speak to you, even if they aren’t the same type. Browse our premium designer furniture for more ideas!
  1. Don’t go wild with colors. Color is extremely important to the cohesiveness and feel of a room, but don’t go crazy. Choose a color palate and stay within it. Avoid clashing colors as well as combining too many bright or bold colors.

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